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Your aspiring career starts here

Build a life-changing professional experience, personal development, and creating lasting impact with us at AMODA


Our story

Revolutionizing Construction for a Streamlined Future

Established in 2021, AMODA began with an idea to address the painful process of construction. We are aware that inefficiencies in time, finances, and resources, along with lack of transparency, results in lower productivity rate. These challenges have widespread repercussions across sectors, particularly in the business world, influencing various aspects of daily life.

AMODA's Innovative Vision

We aim to revitalize construction by streamlining the process, enhancing speed, transparency, eco-conscious, and making it more accessible for everyone. Improved construction lead to positive changes in other industries, creating a lasting positive impact on diverse sectors and aspects of human life.


Uniting for Construction Innovation

AMODA consists of individuals with diverse talents, experiences, and perspective yet our team unites in our dedication to reach our shared goal. We believe that by combining our vision and expertise, we can collectively create a new era of innovation and progress in the construction world.


Life at Amoda

A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration


Sharing Session

Empowering our internal team through meaningful conversations and shared insights. We are very excited to continue learning, growing, and collaborating together!



Our team-building game experience is all about collaboration, strategy, and, most importantly, teamwork!


Team lunch fun

Filling our tummies and feeding our spirits! A delightful lunch with the squad - because good food and good company make for a fantastic day.

Our Team


We call ourselves ‘Amodeans’ the natives of AMODA, and we’d like to share insight about what it’s like to be an Amodean!


"My role in Amoda is in finance administration, accounting, and tax. I can say that in terms of finance administration, it's a new area and knowledge for me because previously, I focused more on accounting ...and tax. It's also my first experience working in a startup company. What I like about Amoda is the working culture and the people, perhaps because they are friendly and willing to share knowledge." Read more


Finance Staff - Bandung


"Working experience at Amoda has been delightful—having cool leaders who are open to receiving ideas or suggestions from their employees, as well as meeting diverse and exciting clients! Hopefully, in the future, Amoda will ... continue to advance and go global!" Read more


Strategic Partnership - Jakarta


"I work at Amoda as a designer, and during my time here, I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience. The supportive work environment has been one of the key factors that has facilitated my growth and development at Amoda."


Product Staff - Bandung

Join the construction revolution with us and be part of a transformative journey towards innovation and progress!

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